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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

I am here in Las Vegas for the next 3 days taking a dental laser class... Trying to learn how to BBQ gum tissues... Okay - not really... At least, not the part about BBQing of gum tissues... But I really am here for a laser class... Anyway - it just so happens that the resort I am staying out (the Red Rock Resort) is where The Salt Lick is located here in Las Vegas. As many times as I have been to Austin, I have never taken the short drive over to Driftwood to eat at the famous Salt Lick there. So I am thinking, "What the heck - let's give her a whirl..."

Now - before I get to going here, you need to know up front I am not a big fan of most BBQ restaurants. Haven't been in a long time, simply because what I cook at home generally beats the punch out of most restaurant BBQ. No slam against BBQ restaurants, mind you. The owners of most Que joints will tell you they generally can't/don't sell "competition grade" BBQ in their restaurants. It simply is too costly and/or too labor intensive to do it at a price the public will pay. I also have rarely found a "sister" restaurant to ever be as good as the "original". And to make it "Strike 3!!", I got into Las Vegas late, and was the last patron The Salt Lick seated tonight... So I am pondering as I am being seated, "What are you thinking, Hoochie?!! Here you are at a BBQ restaurant (which is something I generally avoid) - and it is a "sister" restaurant (strike two) - and you are getting ready to order some Que that was most likely smoked many, many HOURS ago?? ! You should be OUT of here, Hoochie!!"

But I stayed... Ordered some pork ribs... Simply hoping they might be better than a vending machine candy bar or a slice of pizza at the airport...

Was I ever shocked!! The ribs I ate tonight were as good - if not better - than any competition ribs I have ever eaten!! Hands down!! They had a mild but distinctive rub on them, were cooked over oak (I asked the waitress), and were ever so lightly brushed with a sauce The Salt Lick is famous for - some sort of mustard and vinegar sauce with a little "kick" in it... They had great color, and despite the fact it was late, they were very moist and the meat pulled off the bone perfectly - and I mean perfectly. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! The cole slaw and potato salad? Well, they were less than memorable, as is often the case. But these ribs? Mmmmmm mmmmmm good!

Now - maybe I just got "lucky" tonight... I mean, after all, I AM in Las Vegas... Or maybe the ribs I ate tonight were originally destined for the chef/"pit master" at the end of his/her shift... Whatever the case, I hit a "winner" tonight, and will most definitely go back there before I leave on Saturday evening. If you happen to come to Vegas, you definitely want to make the trip out here (about 20 minutes off the strip) if you happen to get the hankering for some good ribs. You definitely won't be disappointed :)


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John Dawson said...

Nice! Dude you are killing me with your off-season barbeque world tour. :-) In all seriousness, I appreciate your blog and your findings.