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If you are into mouth-watering, "low and slow" BBQ - well, you have come to the right place! Regardless of whether you are a "newbie" simply wanting to know how/where to get started - or a "backyard champ" wanting to improve your skills - or a "pro" competing out there on the BBQ circuit - Barbeque Nation has something just for you...

We go about things just a little bit differently around here. There's no "forum" - therefore, no "bull-loney" to have to wade through... Barbeque Nation is all about "news you can use" - useful information/tips/comments to help make your barbecue experience a much better one. Our mission is to spread the "good news about Que" out to people at all levels of experience and interest!

We also feel we have assembled a wonderful "staff" of guest writers that will help bring a wealth of knowledge and insight regarding BBQ. You just never know who may show up here "at our table" from time to time!

So - pull up a chair, put another log in the firebox - and spend a little time with us as we share some smoke together...


Monday, February 16, 2009

Ready, Set... Go!!

Welcome to Barbeque Nation! This is a project I have been mulling "off and on" for over a year now... And well - the time is now "better" to launch this effort...

Unlike a lot of BBQ "chat forums", we are a low-key "joint" that will stick primarily with BBQ news/tips/"factoids" that people interested in Que can use... Especially if you live here in the Rocky Mountain West... We will feature some special "guest interviews" from time to time, look at various smokers & "talk" with their manufacturers - and do some other "fun stuff", too...

There won't be articles each and every day, either... We aren't going to "fill space" just to "fill space"... But we do our best to offer up a "tasty morsel" to our readers at least once or twice a week... So keep us "on your radar" as you are out there surfing the web!

Recipes & cooking techniques? Maybe a few... But in all honesty, there are some really great sites for that - such as my good friend John Dawson's site, Patio Daddio BBQ... So we will generally leave that aspect of BBQ to the "real chefs"!! I'm hoping John (and some of you others who are not as "challenged" in the culinary arts as I am!) will "drop-in" from time to time as a "Guest Pit Boss" to share with us as well..

Again - welcome to Barbeque Nation... I hope you will enjoy it and find it useful/entertaining... We welcome your comments/opinions - and please feel free to drop us an "article" for review and possible publication!


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